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tv   Inside Politics With Dana Bash  CNN  February 26, 2024 9:00am-10:00am PST

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is for hours. hello dad, hello dad, hello da. uh-oh. good bunnies. ahh! 809670847800 9670847 >> backroom deals, cisac, a fair bribery, corruption prostitution so much more than
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store united states of scandal with jake tapper sunday at nine on cnn closed captioning brought >> to you by gilt visit today for up to 70% off designer brands has the designers, i get your heart. racing. had inside a prices new every day, hurry. there'll be gone in a flash dayana sales at up to 70% or soft today >> today on inside politics fit to the border of source tells cnn that president biden will make a rare visit to the u.s.-mexico border on thursday perhaps not coincidentally. it's the same day donald trump is heading to another texas border town. >> plus >> four states. for trump wins, but it's not all good news for the all-but-certain republican nominee as the former president's double-digit win and nick he, haley's home state also reveals some potential weaknesses in november. and a cnn exclusive, my colleagues uncovered a secret twitter count from the right-wing attorney behind the trump fake
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electors plot. this hour you're going to see and hear for the first time what he tried to hide from investors to i'm dana bash. let's go behind the headlines and inside politics we started the white house were officials announced this morning that president biden will travel to the southern border this week, it will be the first time he's gone since january of 2020 three in those 13 months, a surge in illegal immigration has made this radioactive issue for the president. even more so and threatens his reelection all of the days he could pick up all of them. biden's team chose the same day. donald trump will be there. cnn's priscilla alvarez joins me from the white house. a coincidence for cela well, this is a pretty extraordinary splitscreen moment for a white house that up until this point has really distanced itself from the us mexico border. but now the president is leaning in and choosing to be there on the
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same day as former president donald trump, who has made immigration a centerpiece of his campaign. now, it appears that that failed senate border deal was pretty pivotal for the white house. that was a deal that the white house had worked on with senate negotiators that included some of the toughest border security measures in recent memory. but we're probably backed away from that deal with the encouragement of former president donald trump. and ever since then, president and authority that was included in that senate border deal deal. so they're clearly trying to seize onto an issue that has been a political liability for president biden. and in the interim, also considering executive action that would limit the ability of migrants to seek asylum if they cross the border unlawfully. a measure that represents, or at least is reminiscent of former president donald trump's administration. and dana, i should mention that over the weekend, governors were here at the white house meeting with
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president biden for their annual gathering. the big topic during all of those meetings was immigration. the governor's that cnn spoke with all said this was a key issue for them going into those meetings. the one that president biden talk to them about. so clearly this is an issue that is front and center this year. i'm one of the president is seizing this thursday priscilla, thank you so much for that reporting. i want to bring my panel on this and many more topics. i you shut roscoe from npr. jonah goldberg of the dispatch and cnn's alayna treene, high, happy monday to everybody. let's start with the border. jonah what, are your thoughts on the fact that president biden is going that he hasn't gone in 13 months, that he's going the same day as donald trump, the same day has been with trump part just seems like the screenwriters room is getting bored coming up with weird stuff on the other front. i think it's long overdue that he goes just politically forget the policy stuff for a second. the last time he went, it was kind of a surgical thing that didn't have a good photo op for him and people are making
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hay about that for very long time. and again, people can disagree about the policy politically. it's the border stuff is best been really, really bad for biden. i keep making this analogy and no one seems to agree with it, but it reminds me a lot of the bp oil spill under obama, where it was just that constant visual, just drove people kind of nuts. and that constant visual people crossing the border really unsettled politics in a way that is common around the west and there throughout europe, those kinds of visuals, are de-stabilizing. so it's good that he's politically, it's smart that he's doing. >> i buy that, i buy that analogy, but i would take a step further and imagine the bp oil spill and then people in louisiana taking that spilled oil and putting it in chicago and in new york. and i mean not to sort belittle this, but that is if you're just talking about the imagery what are you hearing from the trump campaign >> i mean, they are very excited to be going to the border, at least donald trump, as i know that there was questions of whether this trip
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would actually be feasible for him given the security concerns around it. but donald trump has been wanting to go and do a border trip for a while. he was there also in november. i should note he went and met with texas governor greg abbott where he got abbott's endorsement but this is a big deal for him because trump and his team really see immigration and the border as being one of, if not the most important issues that they are going to be campaigning on ahead of november and they see it as biden's biggest vulnerability and that's why donald trump wanted to go. they didn't know that biden was going when they scheduled this trip, i should say. he wanted to have his own photo up there and to show really like look, we're here, where's the president unfortunately now for them, the president is going to be the same day. well, that's kinda what i meant. i can't wait to see the trump reaction to this okay. so before thursday comes tuesday, pretty much every week, factcheck, true? right >> let me let me check wikipedia. >> and tuesday, tomorrow is michigan's primary and because
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of the new rules that the democrats have trying to move up states in their primary calendar that are more diverse. michigan is early, earlier than it used to be in addition to that, joe biden has a problem in michigan where there are a lot of arab americans who are not happy with his wholehearted support for israel and its, in its war in gaza. they are led by rachida to leave congresswoman from there, pushing some pushing as many voters as they can to vote uncommitted. these are democratic voters. i ask the michigan governor gretchen whitmer about that. here's what she said. >> i'm not sure what we're gonna scan tuesday to tell you the truth. i know that we've got this this primary and we will see differences of opinion. i just want to make the case though, that it's important not to lose sight of the fact that any vote that's not cast for joe biden supports a second trump term
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>> so she's she's not sure. and other democrats i've talked to in michigan, they just don't know how much of an impact that this is going to have. it will be symbolic, but symbolism matters in the primary when you're talking about what it could portend for november. >> oh, it absolutely matters a lot and i got to give a shout out to leyla fadell of mpr. she did great reporting and michigan and what she reported from you know, that she was hearing about this campaign is essentially this idea that they want to show that there is enough concern about this that the bite and it basically the biden campaign has to listen. they want at least maybe 10,000 votes so that, that's how much trump one by michigan by in 2016. and so the idea is like, no, we may not be able to give you the win, but we could certainly make you lose and so you better hear us and what we have to say. and so i do think this is something that the
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biden campaign cannot ignore. i don't know what's going to happen on tuesday, but this this is definitely an issue. >> and our colleagues are also up in michigan talking to voters up there, dianne gallagher talked to one voter actually spokesman for listen to michigan, listen to what he said >> the vote for uncommitted is a vote for a ceasefire. it's a vote for an anti-war future. i think president biden and his strategists around him would be wise to give people here in michigan something to vote for. don't tell us how bad donald trump is. i know how bad donald trump but what i'm saying to president biden, what our movement is saying to his to his team is that you are losing michigan by making your policies synonymous with netanyahu's you need to take a different approach. you need to call for a ceasefire >> general, let me just add one data point before questioning young voters in michigan. one question was, would you trust who would you trust to handle
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the gaza war? voters under the age of 35, donald trump, 56, joe biden, 35. these are not just every americans, these are just young voters. >> yeah, i think the young voter part of it is because that's a more global things across the country is probably a bigger deal electorally for joe biden than the actual error vote in arab american vote in michigan. >> i do i do have a >> problem with the way this whole thing is sort of discussed because it assumes that would be all upside the way a lot of the coverages is. there will be all upside for joe biden if he switched positions to this pro palestinian position, writ large the. numbers don't back that up. >> i mean, you're talking about politically or policy-wise politically, right. so all of the intention is where the squeaky wheel gets the attention. i totally get it and i don't blame people were on the side of the argument for children to exercise political power but if biden were tomorrow, switch to the ceasefire position, it would probably cost him pennsylvania.
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it might also cost the michigan because i think if you actually start looking at the numbers, there israel is more popular than the palestinian territories. and this is jewish-american. it's not just circles and and so again, it's the sound of one hand clapping on a lot of the coverage on the conversations. all but what about the arab american vote in michigan? and that's a perfectly legitimate thing to talk about. but the presupposition there is that if he did what those voters want them to do, it wouldn't have negative political consequences for them to, he's addressed in a tough position. >> i think i but i think that's the way it is on all of the on the border on this issue is that it's just so much more nuanced of a base that he has to deal with. whereas trump can just go all the way to the right on the border. you can go all the way on israel and he's got his base where as biden has to walk this line. and if he gets really tough on the border, he's going to lose some people, whatever he he does on the israel-gaza thing. he's going to lose some voters such good points, all of them, nuances, lot of people don't do new. i'm not know now, that is definitely a news flash. more
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news this morning to tell you about donald trump, his adult sons and two former trump organization officials have appealed the $464 million judgment against them in the new york civil fraud case. cnn's kara scannell has the latest kara >> hey, dana. yeah. so today is the first day after the judgment was issued on friday that donald trump could make his appeal and he did so first thing this morning. so indicating that he is going to challenge the judge which is findings on the case that of what she was accused and the judge found that he inflated the value of his properties to get better rates on loans and insurance, but also, he is appealing this judgment is a big number. you know, some lawyers i've talked to you say it may be unprecedented against an individual and that is the key piece of this. in addition, can trump has also banned from doing business, essentially serving as a director officer of a new york business for two years, his sons for three years. this is significant to them as they try to figure out
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how to run the trump organization. and the judge has also continued that a monitor that he put in place, that monitor will continue for three years he's also ordered them to put in place and independent compliance officer to stop any fraud from continuing. so they're appealing all of that. but of course, the big question is the money, how will donald trump come up with his share of it, which is about $454 million. he could post that in cash if he hasn't, he it could also post a bond. but interest will accrue on this unless he posts it in full at a rate of 9% a year. so all questions now and watching when and how he is going to satisfy this judgment. on friday, his lawyers, just after this big number was entered in the new york cases, lawyers in the e jean carroll case asked the judge for more time before he has to satisfy that at 3.3 million. jury verdict, dana kara scannell. thank you so much for that reporting up next with south carolina under his belt, donald trump, who is closer to
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mobile app blows afternoon. he's brought to you by page publishing. want to publish a book, will review your manuscript for free if you've written a book page, publishing can help you through the process. we cut through the confusion of the publishing world to make it easy for you, call 805630741 >> donald trump's dominant performance in south carolina all but ended the race for the republican nomination. it also revealed some potential pitfalls for him in the general election. cnn's kristen holmes has been talking her sources and the trump campaign what were their takeaways besides the fact that he feels very, very good, understandably. so david, the biggest >> takeaway was that they need to start focusing on the general election. then that's for a number of reasons. one of course, as you mentioned, this was a huge way and it actually comes off of three other big primary wins and their decision is that they need to pivot to the general election to look forward to know remember, even though nikki haley might stay in the race, now we're not talking about some kind of donald trump presidential pivot. he's going to change anything that he says or does
9:19 am
his team knows exactly who he is? he this is more of a campaign pivot looking into the infrastructure in key battleground states, how do they build up places like arizona, michigan, georgia, and a lot of that is based on what you said these early warning signs of potential general election matchup for donald trump, if it is him and joe biden's, let's look at some of the exit polls from south carolina. again, he had a resounding win in south carolina. but if you look at this exit poll, says the feelings, if trump wins the nomination, this is the poll number one south carolina voters 68% say they will be satisfied. 31% say they would be dissatisfied. that is a lot of people saying they would be dissatisfied pull to trump physically and mentally fit to serve effectively. 68% say yes 31% say no. trump's team knows they have an uphill battle getting into november. they know that their candidate is incredibly polarizing. they know they need to bring in new voters, people who actually haven't been to the polls, they
9:20 am
need to reevaluate data that they have. they need to try to get some independent voters. that is a big reason why they need to shift their focus to the general lecture that's not just because they want to, they feel like they're winning. they feel like this is the time. it's also because they have to there are only so many months until november and they need to continue to build up so that they can take on joe biden in november there. >> are well aware of the candidate they are working for. i think everybody is. thank you so much, kristen appreciate that reporting. our panel is back now, let's just listen to what both donald trump and nikki haley said on election night in south carolina. >> i have never seen the republican party so unified as it is, right? never been like >> they can say, donald trump won i give him that but he as a republican incumbent didn't get 40% of the vote of the primary oh, start with you, you've been on the trail a lot >> i have. >> i think nikki haley does
9:21 am
make a point that i know donald trump's campaign on this thinking about the delegate math isn't there for nikki haley, but when she was just talking about there isn't a general and she did have foreign ten voters go for nikki haley. a lot of also independents and democrats. i was at a polling location on saturday in south carolina. obviously, south carolina is has always been a very big state for donald trump. there were a lot of people who said they voted for nikki haley because not necessarily because they like nikki haley's policies, but because they were anti donald trump. and that is going to be the issue with a lot of voters in general. and if donald trump and can court those, and i know from my conversations with the trump campaign, yes, they want to pivot as kristen mentioned, to november, but they still don't exactly know how they're going to court a lot of the voters they need. they consistently told me that every vote is on the table. they want to chip away at biden's support with black voters, with hispanic voters, with working class voters, but they still don't necessarily have, as she, as kristen mentioned, the infrastructure in place or even the form of plans of how to do
9:22 am
that just yet. and that's the big thing i'm watching, right? and there's >> trying to encroach on somebody else's traditional turf and then there's shoring up your own and let's just look at some of the data points from saturday night from south carolina about who voted for whom donald trump did. extraordinarily well with people who consider themselves very conservative. 84% should note in 2016, ted cruz beat him in that category. white evangelicals, maga voters did very well. the areas where he did not do as well, college graduates and moderate to liberal voters, those who call themselves that nikki haley beat donald trump pretty handily, particularly with those who call themselves moderate and liberal. >> yeah. i mean, i have all sorts of quibbles about a lot of this. >> i love a joan equivalent, yes. >> so first of all, we live in an issue less time on the right. the only issue is donald trump himself, right? you look at the republican debates this time around. it didn't matter where you came down. donald
9:23 am
trump is playing games about maybe changing his position on abortion. almost no blowback for it. the issue that divides the republican party is donald trump. you get, when we were growing up if you are at least when you and i were growing up if you've got called a rino or a squish, if you were soft on abortion or tax cuts, military defense. now rhino basically means insufficiently loyal denom trump. that's the defining issue. so when people say define themselves as very conservative it's a for many of them, it's a stand-in for very supportive of donald trump that said, you know, nikki, the keyword, the nikki said there was that she's that he's an incumbent. he's not really an incumbent, but everybody has been talking about how he's aquazi are de facto incumbent and george hw bush in 1992, pat buchanan ran against them, got 37% in the new hampshire primary and people called that a devastating blow and proof that the republican party was irreparably divided. nikki haley beat that in new hampshire, beat that in south carolina, george hw bush lost and george hw bush lost. and so so i'm not saying that this foretells that he's going to lose because the coalitions are
9:24 am
different now, but it's not. as trump said, the republican party's never been more unified. that's nonsense. yeah, the coalitions are different now >> it is also true that just since we're taking a walk down history lane, that on the democratic side. i mean, look at the divide between voters for obama and hillary and so on and so forth. and obama ended up winning that. so it certainly happens same but even biden and bernie sanders in 2020, it certainly happens. that's what primaries are all about. but to your point about this being about trump in the cult of personality. and also what you were saying about anecdotally meeting voters who said, i didn't come i'm here to vote for nikki haley. i came here vote against donald trump. the numbers in the exit polls really bear that out, 79% said they were voting for their candidate 20% against an of those 20%. the vast majority were voting who voted for haley? we're voting against donald trump >> yeah, i mean, this presumably in the selection, which will likely be between
9:25 am
trump and biden, you have to deeply unpopular candidates. so what you will be trying to do or what these campaigns will be trying to do is get those people who hate both of them and who can win those voters. that was pivotal in 2016 where, you know, the people that hated trump been hating clinton. they went for trump and that helped him put them over the top. and i think you're going to have that weird divide again where you have to deeply unpopular candidate, right? disliked and who, who do you dislike, least and you'll just pull the lever for right now. i mean, you see a lot of nikki haley vote voters, even though they do not like trump, they say about 70% of them are saying they will still vote for him and, you know, in the general yeah. >> and that's an important point >> no, i completely agree with that and i think when we look ahead to november, that's really where i think a lot of the candidates work is cut out for them is in finding these voters that recognizing that they're both very dislike. and i mean, i just wasn't want to add to one thing with joe biden
9:26 am
is similar to what we were describing about voters telling me they wanted to vote against trump. that's the best thing that joe biden has going for him. and as well all the time when i'm on the road and i talked to democrats, they say, yes, there are things i like about joe biden, but the race is less about joe biden and wanting to vote for him than it is against voting for donald trump. that's very true in the general as well. and that's really where i think a lot of this is going to play out, which is why you, you've heard nikki haley consistently saying nobody likes either of these guys. that's why vote for me. it just in this republican electorate and this republican party that's not flying. yeah. so the electability argument didn't work. and in part because 80 something percent of republicans who voted for trump believe that he can beat biden that's a belief that's a plausible belief when joe biden's numbers are the worst they've been in the history of polling for an incumbent president the interesting thing to me was how many people who thought that trump was electable, still voted for nikki, like half of her voters voted saying trump could win.
9:27 am
and that gets to the point that, yeah, the reason they're voting for nikki because they think trump could be president again, and they don't want that the electability argument is supposed to win over voters who you don't already have. and that didn't work for the aforementioned reasons. but i think that the people who dislike both the latest numbers i've seen, they break overwhelmingly still for biden but that can change in the heat of general electric per gallon are many, many months away from that. okay. everybody standby because up next ronna mcdaniel is out as republican party chair president trump wants an election denier and his daughter-in-law to takeover. we're going to ask a top rnc member whether they're right to be the heads of the rnc, and whether they can help republicans, donald trump in particular, and those down the line on the ballot when in november frank sinatra had connections with the mafia and all these nightclubs were owned by the mob. >> you didn't want to make
9:28 am
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filter today, more physically capital one's to match the white yeah i see that >> matches republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel will officially stepped down from her position on march 8, days after super tuesday. her departure comes as tension is rising between trump and the rnc rnc committee member, henry barber joins me now. thank you so much for being here. it's good to see you, henry first, somebody just asked you about what your reaction is to both ronna mcdaniel leaving and trump's endorsed candidates for rnc chair michael whatley from north carolina and co-chair his daughter-in-law, lara trump well, it's a bad precedent. and i say that because i think donald trump is jumping the gun before the
9:33 am
primary is over should begin to influence things that the rnc he supposed to get a, majority of the delegates wrapped up and we've only voted in four states. >> and >> voters deserve to be able to have a vote in a say, that's the process that we have in place and that we've had in place for decades and in effect, donald trump is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game. but i'm not happy about ronna leaving but i don't think there's any question that michael what lee and laura trump will get elected at the meeting? >> are you happy that they will get elected >> well, i'm not happy that this is a reason i offered this resolution dealing with neutrality. it says the rnc should stay neutral through the primary and it should and we shouldn't have a campaign
9:34 am
dictating to us while the primary is still going on. wait, there's another candidate running, and donald trump while he has a significant lead in which i'm not blind to the rnc has a job to be neutral and at least until we have a presumptive nominee michael i like michael widely. i know him well, i don't know laura trump. >> but as i say, >> they're both going to get elected. i don't think there's any real question about that, dana henry, you mentioned the pair of resolutions that you are pushing inside the republican national committee. one was pledged for neutrality, the other one would bar the rnc from paying any of donald trump's legal fees lara trump who we were just talking to, has not surprisingly suggested that she will be open to the committee paying her father-in-law is legal bills. how hard are you willing to fight to make sure this doesn't happen? >> well i certainly i'm willing
9:35 am
to take a stand that may not be popular with some right now. the rnc has one job, dana, and that's to win elections and we should spend our finite resources own political operations and actually winning elections and pain. any candidates. legal fees, or frankly any other outside fees or expenses is not the rnc's job. our job is to win elections and the other reason that i think i wouldn't be opposed to this is at the aren't when the rnc since i was solicitation, it says, hey, do you want to take the white house back and get the country back on track? donors send in their $28 or whatever it is >> it's >> totally it would be totally misleading to take that money and then go and spend it with some big fat law firm. legal fees for something has nothing to do with winning the election
9:36 am
cycle cycles. so forgive me i you know that it's been it happened until trump became a candidate >> for president this cycle, the rnc was already paying his legal bills from when he was president, at least $1.6 million of those donor funds that you were talking about have already gone for those law firms to lawyers to help his legal fees. i should say, in response to your resolutions, trump adviser chris lacivita, who is expected to move into the rnc, released a statement saying the primary is over and it's the rnc sole responsibility to defeat joe biden and win back the white house efforts to delay that assist you so biden in the destruction of our nation, republicans cannot stand on the sidelines and allow this to happen. what's your response >> chris lacivita is a good man. he's a good operative he just happens to be wrong. the rnc is light out the rules and
9:37 am
the process on the primary schedule. once a candidate gets to 1,215 delegates, then you have a majority of the delegates and you can become the presumptive nominee and run things. they're jumping ahead of the game. we've got four states that voted it's just i say changing the rules in the middle of the game and i don't think it's right. but i do i respect lacivita. he's very good at what he does and a lot of the trump campaign is very talented. so i appreciate that. >> but they need to respect the rules at the rnc. that number one, we have to be neutral and number two, we should spend our resources on winning elections and not on legal fees for candidates of any type. >> and henry, before i let you go, i just want to ask about the mechanics. your goal in order to get this resolution passed? this specifically, i'm talking about the one to sign the rnc can't pay donald
9:38 am
trump's legal fees. you need you told me a pair of republican national committee men from ten states where are you in that effort >> i have six states. lined up and i will say chris lacivita has said trump's campaign operative, that he agrees that the rnc won't pay that, so i would ask chris well, then why don't you encourage rnc members to go ahead and make this official and let's pass this resolution. the other resolution will have to stand on its own without loss of eda doing that. these aren't going to pass interesting, very, very interesting times inside the republican party. and this is just one very big aspect of it, henry. thank you so much for coming on today. appreciate it. >> thanks, >> dana, coming up a cnn exclusive why a secret twitter account on earth by our reporters reveals a far more aggressive election subversion strategy than we knew
9:39 am
>> julie mid conversation with gayle king. >> i said gil king's her with some guide charles barkley. >> give you a floor up and i will teach you how to read king charles wednesday at ten on cnn >> don't know. i've gotta go thanks for. joining >> you to dream about it for years we were made to help you book as in minutes >> a second term we can all agree on. >> this is me 20 years ago what time hathras in a new post
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9:44 am
concealed from those prosecutors the secret twitter account that our team discovered. and here's why this really matters. it shows that he was promoting a far more aggressive election subversion strategy than he led on cnn's marshall cohen has been working on this martial. so she's chesebro, i should say, hid his secret account from prosecutors in michigan. and there are tapes to there are dana and look, when you cooperate you need to tell the truth and cnn's k >> team uncovered a secret twitter that chesebro concealed from prosecutors in michigan and dozens of tweets from 2020h them about his role in the scheme we also obtained the audio of chesebro's michigan interview. so you can hear it for yourself. when he was asked directly if he uses social media, he said no, take a listen. >> you have any social media presence, facebook you know, i
9:45 am
whatever. i mean before any alternate ids that you're using for that kind of stuff? >> no. i mean, i don't i don't do any tweeting yeah. >> maybe he had good reason to hide those tweets, dana, because they reveal that even before the 2020 election cheseboro promoted a far more aggressive fake electoral strategy than he later led on. here's just one example. when he was with the michigan prosecutors, he repeatedly said that the fake electors here's where purely a contingency to be used if trump won any of his election lawsuits. listen to what he told the prosecutors for so eastman, he had this idea of the state legislatures could somehow be effective in overturning the courts, which was ridiculous. i wanted conditional language and all the states right. suggested three times to trump camp in december 12, but they make it
9:46 am
conditional on winning litigation >> so that's what he told them. but look at this from chesbro's anonymous twitter account called bajaur pundit. on the day trump lost, he wrote, quote, trump doesn't have to get courts to. declare him the winner. he just needs to convince republican legislatures that the election was systematically rigged, totally dismissing the role of the courts embracing the strategy that you just heard him call ridiculouss. and dana, this is just one of many examples where his tweets and his testimony don't line up really remarkable. marshall, do are you hearing any reaction from the michigan attorney general? >> we are at i want to be crystal clear that cheseboro has not been charged with any crimes in michigan. but experts told us that this could put him in more legal jeopardy. the michigan attorney general already charged the fake electors in that state last year. they have an ongoing investigation. they told us that they are interested in
9:47 am
this new material about the twitter and they will be quote, looking into the matter we also spoke to chesbro's attorneys. they confirm that this secret account does belong to him and they acknowledged that there are some inconsistencies. they have gone back to the stage where he cooperated and told those investigators all about his tweets. but dana, there are also drawing a distinction between ken cheseboro, the serious lawyer, and badger pundit, the online persona. this is what his attorney, robert lankford told us quote, when he was doing volunteer work for the campaign, he was very specific and hunkered down into being the lawyer that he is and gave specific legal advice based on things that he thought were legitimate legal challenges versus badger pundit. who is this other guy over there? just being a goof dana >> wow, a lot to unpack there. marshall. thank you so much for that terrific, terrific reporting. and also to our colleagues at the k
9:48 am
>> thanks. >> up next, democrats hit trump on ivf and abortion as he and other republicans are still struggling with the message on that news night with abby phillip tonight at ten eastern on cnn >> new projects means new project managers. do you need to hire? >> indeed, indeed you do. >> when you sponsor a job? you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria visit slash higher and get started today >> i'm jonathan larson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program if your age 50 to 85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget. remember the three ps what are the three ps the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget. our price price, and price a price you can afford, a price that can't increase. and a price that fits your budget.
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1808836464. that's 1808836464 and you. >> do this >> yeah. i see that republicans spent the weekend racing to express >> support for in vitro fertilization after the alabama supreme court ruled that embryos have the same legal rights as children. that decision makes ivf legally
9:53 am
questionable and possible right now, an alabama but questionable nationwide. here is donald trump over the weekend adding his voice to the republican chorus. >> the republican party should always be on the side of the miracle of life and the side of mothers and fathers, and beautiful babies have to be on that >> ivf is an important part of that and are great republican party will always be with you >> i panel is back with me now what are you hearing from your republican sources about the political minefield that they feel that they're stepping on with this well, as i was saying before, with the border being one of joe biden's most vulnerable issues. this is the vulnerable issue for republicans and i think republicans in congress across the state, and obviously donald
9:54 am
trump's campaign recognize that this is not a good issue for them, especially as people are arguing that this is a result of the overturning of roe versus wade we know that donald trump's campaign wants to stay far away from abortion. he wants to stay far away from this issue as well. although a lot of people did give him credit and republicans, i should say, for taking a clear stance on this. and it's why i think we've seen others were other republicans who are struggling on how to handle this issue rejected as well. >> okay, so republicans since pretty much across the board are saying, i'm pro ibf, that's the messaging. but then there are important follow-up question, one of which i asked the texas governor, greg abbott yesterday are you saying that families in texas who are using ivf have extra embryos, embryos that are frozen do not need to worry well so you raise fat questions that are complex and i simply don't know the answer to let me give you a couple of >> examples and that is i have
9:55 am
no idea mathematically, the number of frozen embryos is, is it 1101001000? these are very complex issues where i'm not sure everybody is really thought about what all the potential problems are >> ivf has been around for like half a century. >> yeah. >> but points for honesty, this is a greatly this is a great example of how the pro-life movement which i ms router by my entire professional life, did not know what to do once they caught the car. and i think the alabama law the alabama court strip out some of the theocratic language that no one else subscribe to got it right on the law. i actually think they got it right. all it just getting it running a law, put them on the wrong side of the policy. and so now the alabama legislature is going to need to fix this in a hurry because pro-life voters support ivf and this has always been among intellectual pro-lifers. there's a consistent are you meant about the ethical issues about ivf? but in the practical world, the reason why this ivf
9:56 am
thing in alabama is a mess is because of the legal liability if it's a person and through negligence, you allow this person to die. you've got all sorts of problems. and so it's basically like the insurance companies will not cover ivf clinics until they fix this seconds. and >> if it's a person, there's also the question of whether you should be able to test to see whether you would either discard the embryo, keep the embryo in genetic, in cases where their genetic issues. so it's a very broad issue and something that's going to be like a really political quagmire that is for sure. thanks. one and all. appreciate you. thank you for joining inside politics, cnn news central starts after a break vegas story of sin city. sunday at ten on cnn. >> you hits a smart center stage in his crushed by a baby grand piano you're replacing me, customize and saved with liberty bibi. >> he doesn't even have a
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this election is about who shares your values. let me share mine. i'm the only candidate with a record of taking on maga republicans, and winning. when they overturned roe, i secured abortion rights in our state constitution. when trump attacked our lgbtq and asian neighbors, i strengthened our hate crime laws. i fought for all of us struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. i'm evan low, and i approve this message for all of our shared values. that's why friends and family recommend force vector rush to walmart and on leash or potential with force dagger. >> eliot spitzer blazed a trail that had him in spitting distance of the white house right up until the moment he set himself on fire and


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